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Detection of Colorectal Cancer and Adenomas by Epigenetic Profiles of Circulating Nucleosomes: A Pilot Study with 58 Subjects
Presented At:

24th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), Manchester, UK on 07/9/16

Epigenetically altered circulating nucleosomes as blood biomarkers for early detection of cancer: Clinical studies in NSCLC, CRC, PCA and PC
Presented At:

American Association for Cancer Research AACR Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA on 04/16/16

Nucleosomics® - translating epigenetic biomarkers into clinical diagnostics
Presented At:

5th Clinical Epigenetics Society (CLEPSO) International Meeting, Düsseldorf, Germany on 03/5/15

Cancer Specific Profiles Of Epigenetically Altered Circulating Nucleosomes Measured By Simple ELISA Detect And Differentiate Colorectal And Prostate Cancer
Presented At:

41st Meeting of the International Society of Oncology and Biomarkers (ISOBM), Barcelona, Spain on 03/15/14

Epigenetically Altered Circulating Nucleosomes As Blood Markers Of Colorectal Cancer
Presented At:

Clinical Genomics and Informatics Europe, Lisbon, Portugal on 12/4/13

Novel Nucleosomics Serum Biomarkers for the Detection of Colorectal Cancer
Presented At:

8th Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum (CNAPS VIII), Baltimore, MD on 11/7/13

Nucleosomics® - an advanced blood based diagnostic technology for cancer
Presented At:

Science Creates Business: Advancing Cancer Diagnostics & Therapeutics, Aachen, Germany on 10/25/12