Our Mission

VolitionRx’s mission is to address the need for non-invasive, accurate, and cost-effective diagnostics for cancer and other conditions, with our NuQ® suite of products.


About VolitionRx

VolitionRx was established in 2010, when our team of scientists saw a chance to bring together the long-established ELISA diagnostic technology with cutting-edge nucleosome detection and analysis techniques. Their aim: to revolutionize the way cancer and other conditions are diagnosed.

Cancer and some other diseases lead to irregular levels of uniquely structured nucleosomes in the bloodstream. Through a simple test, with less than a drop of blood, we are able to detect those nucleosomes; and by measuring and analyzing them, to establish whether disease is present in the patient. We are now proving the efficacy of our NuQ® tests in a number of clinical trials being carried out worldwide.

Our R&D and clinical trials teams are based in the heart of Europe, at our laboratory in the medieval university town of Namur, Belgium.

VolitionRx Limited is listed on the NYSE MKT in the United States of America, under the symbol VNRX.