Volition's goal is to make its non-invasive cancer blood tests as common and simple to use as existing diabetic and cholesterol tests on similar formats.

About Volition

We believe current cancer diagnostic tests are inadequate: there is only one blood test for cancer (the PSA for prostate cancer) in common clinical use. 
Volition aims to address the need for inexpensive, accurate, and scalable cancer diagnostics with its NuQ® suite of products.

NuQ® – a suite of epigenetic blood-based cancer diagnostics

NuQ® is based on proprietary Nucleosomics® technology: measurement and identification of nucleosome structures in the blood. Our products have strong IP protection with patent applications in Europe, USA, and worldwide.

We are currently undergoing clinical trials for our products. Following clinical trials and regulatory approval, we will offer tests for individual cancers under the NuQ® brand. Our planned range of simple blood tests will continue to expand with both screening and diagnostic cancer tests, on increasingly simple formats.

We are currently selling a range of NuQ® immunoassays to the research community via our dedicated research products site, www.nucleosomics.com.


We are also developing HyperGenomics®, a technology under development that aims to determine specific epigenetic signatures from cancer biopsies by reading “hypersensitive sites” along the DNA string. These tests are being developed as a second line once cancer has been diagnosed, to accurately determine the specific subtype of disease and to help decide the most appropriate therapy.

The Company

Volition was established in 2010. Our primary office and laboratory in are based in Namur, Belgium.

VolitionRx Limited has been quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board in the United States of America since October 6, 2011, under the symbol VNRX.


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